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Here at Cloud 9 Health and Beauty Spa, we understand the importance of taking care of yourself in a hectic and busy world.

Sink into a sea of calm as we relax and revitalise your body and mind. We offer a wide choice of massage treatments. Do be sure to book in advance -either by email or by phone -in order to avoid disappointment.







30 minutes  kr 320,-
60 minutes  kr 520,-
30 minutes  kr 350,
60 minutes  kr 520,
60 minute  kr 520, 75 minutes kr 690
stavanger swedish massage
deep tissue massage stavanger aromatherapy stavanger Hot stone massage stavanger

A massage that manipulates the body using alternating long and short strokes, increasing circulation as it relieves tension, and leaves you feeling smooth and supple.


A  deep tissue massage that is customized to each person. It lengthens constricted muscle fibres and at the same time improves your posture and flexibility. It increases the circulation and  helps to remove any knots that have formed in the muscle fibres.

A customized massage that assimilates the best of swedish massage with natural essential oils to address your individual needs and respectively energize, calm detoxify or de-stress you. A wide variety of blends to choose from.

This unique massage combines swedish techniques with the use of hot oiled stones. The body is gently but deeply massaged with hot oiled stones allowing the heat to penetrate deep into the muscles for a therapeutic effect and deep relaxation.






50 minutes kr 520 50 minutes kr 520 50 minute  kr 590, 25 minutes kr130,-  

25 minutes kr 90
Or free with every facial

stavanger detox programme
stress stavanger
relx stavanger foot massage stavangerhand massage stavanger

Increases circulation and promotes the detoxification of fat cells, special ingredients include lavender, juniper, cypress and rosemary.




Brings relief to over stressed, and painful muscles. This special blend of  eucalyptus, peppermint ginger and wintergreen, releases tension and tightness.



With lavender, patchouli, sandalwood and may chang.

This special massage blend calms and soothes, helping release negative emotions and frustrations as it relaxes tense muscles.


Foot  Massage
A very soothing and relaxing foot massage using hot essential oils and hot stones, and when one foot has been finished it is wrapped up very well in a very warm hot towel, while you sleep waiting for the other foot to be finished.


Hand Massage
A very relaxing hand massage using very rich hand cream with lavender and vitamin E . It is excellent for very dry and aging skin, They are massaged using  warm stones and wrapped in hot towels to help keep the essential oils in.


Email: cloud9stavanger@gmail.com


Phone: 936 37 821

Address: Gamleveien 25, 4315 Sandnes